Good friend, Nick Jonas visited Demi Lovato at her treatment facility???

According to a Disney spokesperson, that Demi Lovato had a visit from good friend, Nick Jonas at her treatment facility. Also another celebrity friend who had visited her before was Miley Cyrus. There is no indications at this time of anyone else that has visited it her other than her family members.


(Please note, we just posted what sources have mentioned. We aren’t 100% sure if it’s true. But I thought to post this because it’s quite sweet if he did because they are good friends and we know that. So please don’t be rude.)

4 Comments on “Good friend, Nick Jonas visited Demi Lovato at her treatment facility???”

  1. aww..that was so sweet of Nick and Miley…they are such good friends unlike her so called “bestfriend” (selena) who didn’t even bother to visit her,or even give a message to her…

  2. @Christina you do know Selena and Taylor were the first ones who give a message to demi right? ;)
    plus,they arent even friends anymore why would Selena spend all her time on Demi?

  3. @Debby .. How Do U know that Selena n Taylor sent a message to demi ?? :S … i know demi n selena arent freind anymore …. n that’s why im dont like selena anymore … plus , if u r selena fans … plz dont spend all ur time seeking demi fansite ! just saying :)

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