Shane Corey

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Shane Corey

Shane yawned as he woke up, Corey was fixed on the road and didn't seem to notice his companion wakening. Shane looked out the window, it was still rural and brown.
"Hey, Houston today" said Corey without looking away from the road.
"For real?"

Shane felt great, today was the day they would arrive in Houston and get some more ass. Last night was substandard and it probably wasn't even worth selling.
"Today should be better than last night"
"Yeah, better be"

Last nights ass had made a mess of everything, becoming too drunk to even stay on his knees long enough to be fucked. It had been all mucked up and they ended up just giving head and then dumping the passed out bastard in a dumpster behind the hotel. That was probably better than the rest of the night - dumping the guy in a dumpster.
"I wish we could've seen the guys reaction when he woke up with a headache in a dumpster behind a hotel!"
"Shit that would've been hella cool"
"Ya, let's try to capture some o' that shit tonight or somethin"
"Fo sho"

They arrived at the Holiday Inn three hours later and checked in.
They went up to their room on the fourth floor and went for a shower and relaxed on the bed. They turned on the TV and hooked up their to the TV and put in one of their tapes.
"Aww shit, that's that dude we fucked in Chicago dude! That was hella good dude"
Shane hit the play button. It showed a white male hesitating to suck Corey's penis while Shane rubbed his shoulders and pressured him into it rather forcefully. "...dude just do it, come on dude - we gave you the money now do it or we take back the money..."
Corey laughed and commented on the guys facial expression.

After the movie was finished, Shane stood up.
"Aww, that reminds me man, we better go ahead and hook up this shack"

Shane got out the small cameras and the potted plant they caried with them. He placed the plant on the desk and concealed the camera inconspicuously within the leaves.
"Hey man we gotta go now"
"Ya alright man"
The two put on their shirts and sunglasses to complete their outfits.
"You wearin boxers or briefs o what?"
"Briefs man, you?"
"Boxers, hell ya!"

It was about four in the afternoon when they set out on the prowl.
The cruised along in their car looking out for any guys they may want to get in bed with them. For them, this was more of a shopping trip than anything. They had never failed in getting a guy into bed with them.

That's when they spied a young black man of age sitting at a bus station. They both looked at each other and knew he was the one to get. They passed once but came back round the block. They pulled up to him - the only one there.
"Yo, need a ride?"
"Uh, ya thanks brotha"
"No problem, get in da back"
As they pulled out, they talked to him. His name was Sean White and he was 21 since last week and had graduated from community college recently. He had buzzed hair and was medium dark black. He was average height and toned well but not extremely muscular. He also had just split up with his girlfriend a few days ago and had nowhere to go and had been stayin with a friend.

"Why'd you split up with her?"
"The wouldn't blow me" he said bitterly. "I did everything she wanted ya know? After a long day, a brotha just wanna be able to sit back and watch his girl do her thang"
At this time, Corey and Shane smiled and agreed.
"Hey, I know where there are some bitches who will suck you"
"For real?" he said incredulously.
"Ya, man - wanna come with?"
"Hell ya man, I haven't got off in a fuckin week and a half!"

Once at the hotel, they went up the elevator and to the hotel room.
Once inside, Shane explained the real thing.
"Hey man, I tell you what - you need money and a suckin. If you want both, I can give you five hundred dollars just to suck us off and let us suck you off."
As usual, the guy leapt up and yelled "Awww hellll no!" and attempted to leave. Corey blocked the exit and shane began to pressure him into it.
"Come on dude, we all wanna get off and you need the money you ain't got no job and this is a way to get it"
There was a silence.
"And plus," said Corey "it ain't like this is no porno we're filming! Nobody is gonna find out about this"
"And you ain't gay either! You just do what you need to to get yo money!"

Finally, Sean agreed xnxxv sunny leone video with trepidation.
"Great man, you can start with me" said Corey, unbuckling his belt.
Sean began to kneel down slowey. "Get the fuck down, bitch!" Said Shane, pushing him down onto his knees.
"Wait, give me the money first man"
Shane pulled out the money twenty-five twenty dollar bills, all folded over. He handed them to Sean.
"Now go, fucka!" said a now shirtless and pantless Corey.

Sean put the money into his pocket and then faced Corey. Corey was muscular and strong. He was wearing briefs that displayed a prominent bulge in the front of them. Corey's hand unexpectadly grabbed Sean's and placed it firmly on the bulge. Sean felt it for a second and then pulled down the briefs. A large, uncut dick flopped out with accompanying balls. It was soft but still quite big.
"Suck ma balls, nigga" said Corey.
Sean was slightly disgusted but tried to not let it show. He lifted the heavy cock and turned his head and touched his tounge to Corey's balls. They were very big - like the dick - and only one could possibly fit in at a time. He opened his mouth and slid one into his mouth, feeling it with his tounge. He did it with the other one and licked them.
"Now onto ma dick"

Corey's cock was now growing and as Sean licked it from the base and underside, it got longer and thicker. When Sean pulled away to start blowing, the penis was now easily a foot long and very thick.
"That's thirteen inches there" said Corey with pride. "Now suck it"

Sean was now wondering what he'd gotten himself into. Sean wrapped his lips around the uncut tip. His lips hardly fit it in and only a couple inches in, he gagged. Eventually, he worked it in to about half way in. After five minutes of this, Corey started yelling and told him he'd better pull or he'd get drowned in cum. Not wanting to get any cum on or in him, Sean pulled out immediatly. Then Corey pushed Sean's head onto his dick and exploded all over a struggling Sean who Corey managed to restrain and keep in place. When Corey recovered, he looked down and let go of Sean who fell back, his face . Corey laughed as did Shane.

Afterwards, Shane asked Sean "do you want to suck my dick?"
"well how bout you fuck it - one hundred more dollars"
after a moments pause "fine"

A minute later, Sean was regretting that decision.
Shane took off his shirt and jeans and stood in boxers waiting for Sean.
Sean sighed and crawled over to Shane and Shane grabbed his hand and put it on his crotch. Sean felt his penis and realized that it was like nine inches long - flaccid.
Sean pulled down the boxers and stood face to face with a black monster - a thick one. Shane and Corey laughed. Shane told Sean to lube it up.
While Sean was silently rubbing the lubricant on the cock, it began to grow. It got longer and thicker, and straightened out. Finally, it was a full sized twelve inches long and thicker than Corey's.
Sean got into position on the bed as directed. And then felt the insertion. real forced anal against her will Sean first screamed as his was widened by the head of Shane's cock. Sean continued to jell as it crept up inch by inch so that Shane called Corey over to shove a dick in his face to get him to shut up - Corey did so and now Sean was full at both ends.

As Shane began to get into a rythem with almost all of it into Sean, Sean's yells became just grunts. Finally, Corey withdrew and decided to use this time to suck off Sean. Corey got underneath Sean and told Sean to suck his too. Then Corey studied the dick. It was not half either, nearly ten inches by looking at it, it was uncut and beautiful. He sucked on it happily while Shane enthusiastically fucked Sean bareback. As Shane sped up, Sean began to cum into Corey's mouth and then, Corey came into Sean's mouth. Then, as Shane approached , he sped up and intensively fucked Sean. Sean started to yell a lot as the air became full of the sound of Shane's balls and abs slapping against Sean's firm ass. Within a few sconds, Sean came miraculously, filling up Sean's hole and letting it drip out. Then the wo collapsed, with Shane still inside Sean. Both were maxed out. Meanwhile, Corey put his hands into Sean's jeans pockets which lay crumpled on the floor and pulled out the pay and the rest of the cash in Sean's wallet - about $30.

After everybody finished and got dressed again, Shane and Corey led a shocked Sean out of the room and into the car. Sean told them he was going to his friends house. To ensure that he didn't think to check his pockets, Corey sat in the back with him and touched himall over for the whole ride, shooting his hands into Sean's crotch and feeling his chest. Then they dropped him off. They turned around and left to the hotel where they packed up and moved to another accross town in case Sean came back for his money. They laughed the whole day after. Tommoow they were going to start to head for Georgia by way of a few "side trips".