The Village of Agony and EcstasyCh 2 The Examination

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The Village of Agony and EcstasyCh 2 The Examination

Chapter 2-The Examination

Bella cringed as she took her place in line to be displayed for the /master/">master that claimed her. free porn movies download She nodded at Raisa trying to reassure her that she was going to be okay. The piercing emerald eyes of the Master shot through her as Bella looked at him. He had a wicked grin on his face.

"You know, little tiger, that I can request to see all of you right here in front of all these other men. I am going to do that, so prepare yourself. Maybe it will take some of the fire out of you!" Bella braced herself and her crystal blue eyes shot back at his. Sparks flew in the air as the two stares met. 

Before she could answer, she was shoved forward to stand before the exam table. It was huge, metallic, and looked very uncomfortable. It looked as if it was made in sections so that arms, legs, head, and torso could be secured with braces that locked. Beside the table was a small table with various sized instruments. Bella shivered. She had no idea what they were nor had she ever seen anything like them before. She was terrified. She wanted to run. How much humiliation could these savages put these women through? Bella looked around the room nervously. The men were sitting, laughing, and talking. She noticed that most of the Masters were well-built, large men with long hair. This man that called himself her Master wore no shirt so the large muscles of his upper torso were rippled and tan. He wore a beaded leather headband, tan leather pants and moccasin knee-high boots. His long hair complimented the striking features of his face. The other men of the village looked similar.

Bella felt her Master and Raisa steps behind her. 

”Drop your dress, I want you naked!" he ordered her. 

Bella jumped and turned to look him in the face to protest. Raisa was standing beside him. full hd xvideo download All he did was take his hand and place it on Raisa's shoulder and smile wickedly at her. Her resolve faded. Why did Raisa have to be here to see this? Bella was already embarrassed just being ordered around in front of her. Raisa had no clue exactly what was going on. She was so innocent. Bella was determined to keep her safe. She let the dress fall to the ground, one hand covering her naked sex and the other attempting to shield her naked breasts from all of the men. She closed her eyes. 

”Remove your hands, let all see your naked charms,” he said, the men laughing at her humiliation. ”And open your eyes, all want to see your surrender to my power.”

Bella let her hands drop to her side, almost standing at attention, her eyes facing forward, seeing the men looking at her naked sex.

"No!" Raisa burst moving forward to cover Bella. 

Bella put her finger to her lips to quiet her and pushed her back beside the Master. 

All eyes were drinking in Bella's beauty. He blatantly stared at her breasts all but licking his lips.

Bella notice the room became silent. She froze.

"Zora, my brother, she is a fine-looking wench," one of the men said.

So, she thought, Zora is his name. She felt them stand and come closer to the table.

"Truly, she is a beauty," another man shouted.

Bella's body blushed crimson and her face flushed hot. She thought she would faint. 

"Well, she is a tiger for sure, and we shall see what kind of beauty she is," Zora remarked to his friends. "Get on the table," he commanded taking his hand off Raisa's shoulder. 

Bella felt the martyr for offering this. She went nobly to the table even though she felt like a piece of meat as she climbed onto the table. Her head was spinning. This was not happening to her. Shut it out, she thought. Bella, you are not here.

"Lie back," her Master ordered. She did as she was told. He placed her arms in the braces and strapped them in with large leather bracelets. He did the same with her legs. A thick leather strap went around her waist. She was secured and locked into place. Zora ran his hands down her body feeling her curves and velvet skin. Bella shrieked. She was helpless. A gag was quickly place in her mouth so all she could was moan and whimper. She pulled her restraints. 

Zora leaned over and whispered in her ear. "When I get through with you my dear, I will have seen and prodded your entire body, inside and out. You are going to be my pet and I will conquer that spirit of yours or put it to good use." 

Bella's back arched and her body rose pulling at her bonds in protest. She hated him. She felt the table begin to move. Levers under it allowed the sections of the table to be opened and spread wide. She squirmed and whimpered. Her legs were being spread wide and her breasts were being pushed forward. She felt suspended because the table actually did come apart in places to allow access to her body. There was no way to fight it. The levers whirred and the table presented her. 

Her back was arched high, her breasts stood straight up. She felt her nipples being squeezed. She whined. No, she thought, no please. The tugging and pinching was just harsh enough to cause the tips to strut and swell. 

"That's it, tiger, wince and let your nipples stand and engorge for me." 

She felt Zora's breath on her face. He was that close. She squirmed and tried not to let it arouse her but in spite of her effort, his fingers tugged and pulled at her nipples, rolling them, then massaging her whole breast for what seemed like an eternity. She felt moisture between her thighs. 

"MMMMMMMMmmmmm, /tits/nice-tits/">nice tits. Did you know, lil tiger, that your nipples are turning burgundy, swelling, and begging me to touch them? They are beautiful when they stick out like this," Zora snarled.