Demi Lovato: Dreams, fame and staying the same.

Mika has sent us another video that she made. It’s about how Demi hasn’t changed, she has just grew up. Check it out below!

7 Comments on “Demi Lovato: Dreams, fame and staying the same.”

  1. …hu sang her backgr0und?? is it miley?? anyway i love demi since I saw her in Camp r0ck, she’s s0 talented n0 w0nder that all the sUccess she made.. keep up da g0od w0rk.. stay the same.. G0dbless. ur one of my musical influence.. “,)

  2. omg,i remember when i heard her singing in as the bell rings,and i sad:this girl is going to be really famous someday.and look at where she is now! omg,demi i love her and she’s such a great rolemodel for me!

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