Camp Rock 2 Final Filming!

It seems like the FINAL filming of the movie and for promos, music videos been getting wrapped up this week. Here is a few random tweets from cast members:

ddlovato – Just finished the music video for one of the songs from Camp Rock 2.. It’s gonna be sooo awesome!!

ddlovato – I’m really gonna miss working with everyone. I love this cast so much… Thanks Toronto for the AMAZING memories that I’ll never forget..

chloebridges – Filming a music video for the CR2 soundtrack on our last night in Toronto. I’m playing a baby grand on a rotating platform. Pretty legit.

chloebridges – Nick “Tell twitter I say hi” Me “Yeah?” Joe “No we can just see the blue on your phone’s twitter from here” “Oh” So I of course tweet anyway

EttejNahgaem – 7:02 AM. Just got back to the hotel. I’m going to finish packing and board a plane at 8 tonight.

officialjman – chillin wit @4mdot and @hhmasterminds yupyup :)

officialjman – official last day of filming….I’m gonna miss everyone

officialjman – @Maria_CB hope your having fun back at home say hi to everyone for me and tell Bridgette keep dancing…
cgdancer612 – I Love Toronto.

bgirlshorty – Really excited for all my friends to come back home from Toronto :D @bgirlshorty @cgdancer612 @chlod5 @ddlovato @annamariapdt @EttejNahgaem

AnnaMariaPdT – can’t believe it’s the end.. :( I’m gonna miss everyone so you Canada!..I will be back.

bgirlshorty – @alfredoflores i kant wait to get back today! u made my nite :) <3 4mdot – Wow… so I leave at 9.15am! Who’s gonna meet me in the lobby? LOL!!! What an amazing experience! Not bad Canada, not bad…

AlfredoFlores – Really excited for all my friends to come back home from Toronto :D @bgirlshorty @cgdancer612 @chlod5 @ddlovato @annamariapdt @EttejNahgaem!

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