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Added some twitter/twitpic photos to our gallery. However, since most of these are from the Tour of the White House, they are moved to that album instead. The “old school photo” is moved to the photoshoots and can be found here.

ddlovato – White House! Photo by @dirkmai

ddlovato – Hahaha I love you Dallas… Photo by @dirkmai

ddlovato – The front doors of the White House!! Aww.. family picture.. :) Photo by @dirkmai

ddlovato – Aw.. one of my best friends since kg. I love you @NolanNard.. Photo by @dirkmai

ddlovato – Old school @dirkmai! hahaha I forgot to post this back then :)

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  1. Demi and Dallas are soooo beautifull…I love them…but I love Demi more…she’s so beautifull and talent…you’re the best Demi<3<3

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