San Jose, CA Photos!

My friends and I attended the Demi Lovato concert in San Jose, CA on July 11th. Her set list was shorter, her voice was still recovering, and Demi puked after the show (she’s ok though). Yet she did an amazing job as usual! (I NOTICE PEOPLE ARE GIVING MY TWITPICS & MY FRIENDS’ TWITPICS TO OTHER DEMI SITES, PLEASE DON’T DO THAT UNLESS YOU TELL ME TO CREDIT KIMMY/DEMICENTRAL.COM)

Please don’t claim these photos as your own or use them on your own site without my permission. Check out the pictures in the gallery! I have still have to collect more from my friends who went. :)

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  1. so, u met demi in san jose for her summer tour? did u purchase the VIP package when u bought ur tickets or did u win a contest?? i hope demi can come to san diego for her tour:(

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