Photos: Demi Lovato Recent Appearance and Performance Photos

I have added images of Demi from her recent appearances as well as end of the year performances to the image gallery.

0001.jpg 0003.jpg 0007.jpg 0004.jpg

0002.jpg 0004.jpg 0007.jpg 0005.jpg

0006.jpg 0022.jpg 0036.jpg 0100.jpg

0009.jpg 0007.jpg 0004.jpg 0006.jpg

0004.jpg 0017.jpg 0027.jpg 0003.jpg

Photos: Demi Lovato on Glee

Photos: Demi Lovato on Glee

I have added captures of Demi from her 4 episode arc on Glee to the image gallery.

0005.jpg 0017.jpg 0057.jpg 0064.jpg

0006.jpg 0014.jpg 0033.jpg 0013.jpg

0003.jpg 0001.jpg 0009.jpg 0022.jpg

Photos: Stay Strong Documentary Captures

Photos: Stay Strong Documentary Captures

Captures from Demi’s 2012 documentary, Stay Strong have been added to the gallery.

dlc_StayStrong_0017.jpg dlc_StayStrong_0018.jpg dlc_StayStrong_0059.jpg dlc_StayStrong_1811.jpg

Photos: Various Television Appearance Photos

Various captures of Demi Lovato have been added to our screen captures category. These are just a few of them, please visit the category itself to view them all!

0028.jpg 0010.jpg 0084.jpg 0107.jpg

0004.jpg 0038.jpg 0023.jpg 0205.jpg

0002.jpg 0025.jpg 0005.jpg 0040.jpg

Photos: Various Award Show Screen Captures

Photos: Various Award Show Screen Captures

I have added some captures of Demi from some award shows that she did to the image gallery.

0029.jpg 0053.jpg 0087.jpg 0030.jpg

0028.jpg 0041.jpg 0079.jpg 0195.jpg

0009.jpg 0041.jpg 0215.jpg 0289.jpg

Photos: Future Now Tour

Photos: Future Now Tour

I’ve just added high quality photos from the last of the shows from the Future Now Tour into the gallery. Enjoy!

Photos: Gallery Update (10/16)

Photos: Gallery Update (10/16)

I’ve just updated the gallery with Demi’s most recent appearances and performances into the gallery. Enjoy!

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