ARTICLE: Demi Lovato And Naya Rivera: Is It ‘Love’?

Demi Lovato kissed a girl, and she liked it — or at least her “Glee” character did.

Last month, Naya Rivera Rivera confirmed to MTV News that Lovato would be playing her Dani, one of Lea Michele’s pals in NYC who gets a crush on her character, Santana. And now the “X Factor” judge is opening up about what it’s like to play a gay character on the small screen.

“Well I took a meeting so before I even booked the role. I knew what the role was going to be, and [Naya Rivera and I] had an awesome time working together,” Lovato told MTV News. “She’s such a badass; I love her. And I’ve been friends with a lot of the people from the cast beforehand, so I feel right at home.”

While Lovato isn’t new to acting, playing a member of the LGBT community offered up a unique challenge for the former Disney star and multi-hyphenate performer. She added, “Figuring out how to represent that community… it’s been pretty awesome to represent that on primetime TV.”

Lovato will reportedly be on the show for a multi-episode arc, beginning in one of the first two episodes airing September 26. And when MTV News caught up with Rivera on the red carpet of the 2013 Video Music Awards, she seemed just as excited as Lovato.

“I mean, she’s playing my love interest, so I’m very, very excited about that,” Rivera said. “We get to sing a song together. It’s gonna be good. I’m excited to work with her. We’re bringing her to the dark side. Well, she comes in in a Beatles episode, so [we’re singing] a Beatles song. I’m excited.”

In addition to her role on “Glee,” Lovato will also appear on Fox as one of the judges on the upcoming third season of “X Factor,” which kicks off on September 11.


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