ARTICLE: Demi Lovato on ‘Demi’: ‘This Album Represents Me the Best’

The wait is officially over Lovatics!

Demi Lovato‘s latest album Demi dropped today and the 20-year-old songstress phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk her excitement and revealed which songs are the most personal to her.

The “Heart Attack” singer decided to name her fourth studio album Demi because she’s “never had a self titled album … I feel like this album represents me the best that any album has ever represented me.”

The newly-blond singer continued: “I’m starting a new chapter and a new world in my career coming out in radio songs and more of the mainstream world and some people are hearing me for the first time and I want them to see this is who I am and this is my music and this is what I’m all about.”

And Demi didn’t hold back on letting people know who she is and what she’s about with tracks like “Warrior.” In fact, she revealed: “In this song, I wrote it about something that I had never really talked about before and I’m pretty open with my story but the lyrics kind of say it all it in that song.”

“It was really emotional and hard for me to write that song because I was so vulnerable and was so raw with the lyrics. And just when you’re in the recording booth and you’re singing a very vulnerable song, there were tears. It was intense, and it’s heavy. When I play it for people I almost feel like I’m naked in a way, like I don’t want to be in the room when people listen to it.”

And this isn’t the first track Demi says makes her feel uneasy. “I released another song awhile ago called ‘For the Love of A Daughter’ and that one is a pretty heavy song, as well, and I’ve never performed that live, so I don’t know if I’ll even perform this one live, but it depends on how comfortable I feel when I go on tour.”

Where Demi did feel comfortable was on stage at Wango Tango last weekend. “It felt amazing, even just being a part of Wango Tango felt awesome,” she says. “Obviously, I’ve never played and I was super excited. I love performing in front of huge crowds like that. It’s such a great feeling.”

Another great feeling? The Demi and Taylor Swift mashup that made it’s way onto the Internet last month. So has Demi heard the tune?

“Yeah isn’t that awesome? I heard that and I was like, ‘isn’t that awesome?!’”

Download your copy of Demi on iTunes!

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