Demi Lovato Paints Over Love In ‘Heart Attack’ Video

Lovato blackens at the thought of heartbreak in Chris Applebaum-directed clip, the first visual from her upcoming Demi album.
Need a lesson in staring down love? Demi Lovato is warding it off with her newest video for “Heart Attack,” and she’ll do anything to stop those mushy feelings from sinking in.

The Chris Applebaum-directed clip, which premiered on E! on Tuesday (April 9) night, begins with an intense glare from Lovato as she prepares for battle and puts her defenses up. She emerges from a pool of thick, black paint, saturating her features while she sings the opening lines of the powerful track.

Before things get too dark, shots change and we see Demi smirking and flirting before a white backdrop. She looks fresh-faced and natural, with shimmery eyes, rosy cheeks and pink lips. But as she raises her hands, the black comes back, graphite covering her fingers and forearms.

“You make me glow,” her voice soars over the slow-churning bass. “But I cover up, won’t let it show.”

Masking her radiance, her dark handprints start to cover up her body, like leftover ink from reading a newspaper. Demi curls up her hands, emotion bubbling up and swelling within. She winces and wrenches out the buildup to the chorus, a visible fury gnawing from inside.

As the music drops, Lovato transforms into an aggressive rocker. Her jet-black hair is windblown despite being in a stale garage. Her three-piece band grinds out the jam behind her with their amps stacked up under fluorescent lights and their cords circling the ground Demi stomps on.

Paint the color of gunmetal drips down her white backdrop, as the singer is in full-force, fighting off her crush’s magneticism. The video’s different versions of Demi offer simultaneous harmony and ad-libs as the song ends.

The clip delivered the same type of edginess Demi teased before, and now, fans can see the singer’s black-dipped hands in a new light.

“I’m taking on a different look this time around,” Lovato told MTV News in February. “I feel like I have my own thing going, like rocker-chic sophisticated, just a different kind of fashion style this time around.”

And even though she’s putting her defenses up in “Heart Attack,” one of the song’s producers, Jason Evigan, half of the Suspex, says that Demi’s diving headfirst into her new style, which will shine through on her next album, Demi, out May 14.

“She’s one who is so not about just trying to be what’s on radio,” Evigan said. “She’s a total original soul. She just wants to make what moves her. And if it moves her, she loves it.”


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