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The X Factor judge, 20, gears up for the season finale of the Fox reality singing competition, Dec. 20.

You mentored the young adults category this season. How was that experience?
Fun and exciting, but really stressful. I was surprised at how emotionally invested I became. It hurts to see them go, especially when I know their potential.

Describe your fellow judges in a few words. 

Britney Spears is sweet and humble; L. A. Reid is hilarious and smart; and Simon Cowell is annoying and old!

Did you feel intimidated as the youngest judge?
Not at all. It’s an honor to sit next to them because they’re legends, but I’m a southern girl with a big mouth, and I speak my mind!

You’re working on your fourth album. What can fans expect?
I’ve got a lot of songs written, and it will be released next year. I’ll be singing about some stuff that I haven’t talked about before. I just want to inspire people.

You’ve spoken candidly about your past struggles with eating disorders and self-harm. Do you see yourself as a role model for others dealing with those problems?

Absolutely. I have no secrets about what I’ve been through. The fact that people still support me after all the mistakes I’ve made is incredible. I feel like a role model because I’ve spoken out about it, and I’m just being real.


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