VIDEOS: Voto Latino Presents: The Enforcers

Follow along with the episodes, Demi Lovato is part of the cast and will be making an appearance soon. So make sure you know what’s going on.

Episode One with Maria Menounos and Columbus Short

Episode Two with Rafael Amaya, Francia Raisa & Lea Black

Published on Oct 9, 2012 by votolatino

These are the amazing people who came together to star in “The Enforcers,” the new PSA project from Voto Latino that Wilmer Valderrama directed.

Cast: Wilmer Valderrama, Rob Hoffman, Demi Lovato, Tony Plana, Michael Peña, Maria Menounos, Columbus Short, Dania Ramirez, Francia Raisa, Lea Black, Rafael Amaya, Jason Jenkins.

Directed by Wilmer Valderrama & Andrew Sandler
Written by Alan Dybner & Wilmer Valderrama
Executive Produced by Danny Villa & Maria Teresa Kumar
Produced by Jessica Acevedo, Martha Chaput & Steve Alfaro
Director of Photography Arthur To
Animation by Matt Metoyer
Music By Josh Stevens& Kevin Lax

THE ENFORCERS care deeply about doing whatever they can to get voters registered before the November elections.

There’s almost 22 million Latinos that could register and vote this year. But if we don’t get the message out to them about how important voting can be in their lives, a whole lot of them may not show up.

And THE ENFORCES will not let that happen. Not on their watch. There’s too much riding on the 2012 elections — for them, for you, and for everyone who cares about making things better for our community and our country.

Make sure to register to vote at:

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