Demi Lovato Spotted Sporting A Bikini & A Tattoo In Cabo Yesterday

Demi Lovato spotted sporting a bikini & a tattoo in Cabo yesterday. Disney starlet,actress/singer Demi Lovato was spotted looking cute in her bikini in Cabo San Lucas,Mexico yesterday afternoon. It also appears that she was sporting a new floral design tattoo under her write torso area. She wore a teal bikini and splashed around in the water for a little bit.

She looked to be having a good time,while getting over her recent break-up with Jonas brother stud, Joe Jonas. According to, she may be trying to fool the press with her new tattoo. It could be fake. They say she took to her “Twitter” account last year,and revealed that she likes to fool them.

She wrote, “Hahahaha some people are so stupid. So what? I like to draw on myself. Sue me. Hahaha I’m 16 I’m not getting a tattoo anytime soon. Oh my gosh, not STUPID but I’m just saying people should get their facts straight! Hahaha I’m not mad I just think it’s funny. Man I can’t say anything on this thing! Haha.”


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  1. she was asked on twitter if it was real and she said yes and that it said “you make me beautiful” from Bethany Dillon’s song ‘Beautiful’. she also said “that song changed my life.”

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