From Emily: 2 years online!! This is amazing! I wanna thank everyone that visits Demi Central and for all your support with the site. Thanks to Kimmy for keeping the site updated when i can’t, and for being such an amazing friend! <3 Thanks to Demi Lovato for being such a wonderful person, and without her, the site would never be where it is today! Thanks to the whole Lovato/De La Garza family! Let’s see if we can make it to 3 years! :D


  1. Emily & Kimmy, CONGRATULATIONS on 2 years w/ Demi Central! It’s certainly been a long, but worthwhile journey. So many great memories so far & there are sure to be many, many more in the future. If we should thank anybody, it should be to you both for creating this great site for all of Demi’s biggest & most loyal fans to come to daily for the latest news, photos, etc. on Dem. As well, as you both pointed out, we should thank the young woman who is truly the best, brightest, & biggest new star around, Ms. Demi Lovato. The impact, inspiration, charm, heart, talent, beauty, sense of humor & style/fashion, & most of all, personality she’s shared with us is 2nd to none and makes her who she is.

    Here’s to the future of DemiCentral & our girl, Demi’s future, destiny.

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