Rosario Dawson works with Demi Lovato!

rosariodawson – Am shooting Voto Latinos new Census psa series at Wilmers house with Demi Lovato & Luis Guzman & my Uncle Gus! So exciting!
6:13 PM Jan 10th from UberTwitter

rosariodawson – @brittyb23_ so pleased with the census psa shoot. This is an important issue. I’m so grateful for everyones passion & talent esp Demi
about 11 hours ago from UberTwitter in reply to brittyb23_

rosariodawson – @jerryfetus amused too that Demi & Wilmer put me on blast. I got the account cuz someone was faking me & took it off private just yesterday.
about 11 hours ago from UberTwitter

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