Sorry for no updates

Hey, it’s Emily. I’m sorry for no updates on the past days. I’ve been trying to add pictures but there is a problem with the gallery. We are hoping to get that fixed soon! I’m also in school so, I don’t have all the time to update. Please still keep on visiting us though. We will try to update pictures that need to be added and any other updates as soon as we can. :)

11 Comments on “Sorry for no updates”

  1. its ok im highschool makes me busy to i hardly get to go on the site any more but i love this site to much not to go on it.
    take your time i LOVE YOU GUYS
    and thanks for makin the best demi lovato website EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’ll be waiting :)

    Hey, I remember the scene from Another Cinderella Story, when Joey said “Thanks mystery girl, I’ll be waiting.” and then teacher with funny voice repeated it, haha.

    Sorry, that was TOTALLY random!

  3. Hi, Demi i love you SOOOOO MUCH i Havn’t words for it .

    BIG BIG Love From Thea :D

    And remeber have a consert in norway :D<3333333
    Love yah!

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