Leaving Hotel in NYC

I’ve added high quality candids of Demi leaving her hotel in New York for Jimmy Fallon back on July 23rd. You can check them out in the gallery!

2 Comments on “Leaving Hotel in NYC”

  1. Demi is awesome!!! my bff is her BIGGEST fan! serously! she is like demi demi demi!! lol GO FANTASTIC FIVE!

  2. I am your hugest fan ever if i saw you i would faint. I even downloaded your new album and i didnt buy it from the store. Anyway you look pretty in the pictures i love the 3 picture its really pretty.I love your makeup and your glasses their really pretty just like you. When you had the Grand Opening at the AT.AT store i was their. you looked pretty you had your hair up you had alot of rings on you even had black nail polish to match your clothes. i heard some girl just freaked out cause she saw your nails! she said omg i saw her nails ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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