Submit Your Q’s For Demi’s Buzzworthy Fan Interview!

“Submit Your Question For Demi Lovato’s Buzzworthy Fan Interview!”
Posted 1 minute by Tamar Anitai in Celebrity, Interviews, Music

DEMI LOVATO IS COMING TO MTV! Demi is COMING! DEMI WILL BE HERE! She just got started on her Summer Tour with David Archuleta, and her upcoming album, Here We Go Again, is almost ready, but she’s stopping by MTV on Wednesday, June 24th, and she’ll be answering Buzzworthy Blog fan questions. What do you want to ask Demi? (Besides everything?)

Leave your questions in the comments section (ON BUZZWORTHY – CLICK HERE TO LEAVE YOUR QUESTIONS), and I’ll try to ask Demi when she’s here on Wednesday!

Source: MTV Buzzworthy

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