Lots of Twitter Photos!

ddlovato – I already miss the Bahamas…

ddlovato – I took this picture in Paris

ddlovato – I also took this one in Paris…..

ddlovato – And this one…. (YES YOU CAN TAKE PICTURES AT THE LOURVE NOW!) haha

ddlovato – Me.. just chillin’ in a jet engine.

ddlovato – Europe tour plane party!!

ddlovato – Airplane sock fight. Hahaha… my new keyboardist Alex :)

ddlovato – I love @therealtiffany :)

ddlovato – “I wonder what would happen if I just stood here like this…..” (Absolutely nothing… Hahahaha)

ddlovato – This is what hands look like after a night of spray painting :D

ddlovato – @whoaitsbeckyy hahaha nooo! It’s joe!

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