Demi Lovato Readies New Songs For Tour

Demi Lovato Readies New Songs For Tour With David Archuleta
By the time Demi Lovato hits the road on June 21 in Hartford, Connecticut, the singer, who burst on the scene only a year ago in “Camp Rock,” has already gone from the girl in that Jonas Brothers movie to a tour headliner and star of her own TV show, “Sonny with a Chance.”

And although she’s no stranger to the road, this time around fans should expect a longer set packed with some Demi classics like “Don’t Forget” and “La La Land” as well as new songs off her forthcoming album, Here We Go Again, out in July. “My plans for this tour are definitely to play more music,” she told MTV News. “It’s going to be a longer set which I’m really excited about. I’m playing new songs for the new record and half the songs are new.”

Demi admits that when she began to plot out the set list for the show, she wanted to keep it light on the old and heavy on the new. “I wanted to do only new songs,” she explained. “And now when I hear them, those [old] songs have gotten better just with the band — the way they play them and me trying new things.”

Those new things include a lot more face time for Demi on instruments. “I’m playing piano and guitar more than I did the last tour,” she explained. “It’s gonna be interesting.”

Although she may have most of her plans all lined up for the tour, there are still a few moments that could be spontaneous, like a possible collaboration with her tourmate, David Archuleta. “I can’t wait to see David and his set, he seems like a nice guy,” she said. “Don’t have plans [to collaborate ye]. If we could work something out by the end of the tour, [that would be cool.]”


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