MAY 21 – Buenos Aires, AR – Coverage!

ddlovato – Yayyyy Argentina is incredible… Played my biggest show tonight :)

ddlovato – No I’m not color blind, I know the world is black and white. Try to keep an open mind but I just can’t sleep on this tonight.

ddlovato – Stop This Train – John Mayer .. This song couldn’t fit this moment in my life any better. Haha.

ddlovato – It’s the ending of the song that’s the best and it’s so true! On my way to Brazil!!!

ddlovato – Everyday is exciting. You never know what or who the future will bring…. :)

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Jonas Brothers/Demi Lovato Argentina Press Conference:

Youtube: meps12P

Youtube: meps12P

Youtube: momento24tv

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**If you have any photos of Demi’s performances from Lima, PE, Santiago, CL, Buenos Aires, AR, or going to have any for an other upcoming performances send them to us at If you have any Jonas Brothers/Nick Jonas pictures send them over to

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