With A Chance Of Dating

With A Chance Of Dating

Sonny is asked on a date by suave “MacKenzie Falls” guest star James Conroy, who also happens to be Tawni’s ex-boyfriend. Once James reveals his true colors, Sonny and Tawni enlist Chad to help turn the tables on James. Meanwhile, Zora borrows her “Kid Lawyer” sketch material to represent Nico and Grady, after they get in trouble in the cafeteria.

8 Comments on “With A Chance Of Dating”

  1. I loved this episode! :) It was so good! :) Definitely my fav Sonny episode! :) Chad and Sonny are such the perfect couple! :)

  2. awww…. that’s so sweet…!!!!
    too bad i didn’t get to see this episode….
    because of family outing…

    emily and kimmy please help
    me…… to watch this episode….
    please…!!!!!!!! can you post it on you tube…..
    or in the site so that all of demi’s fan can watch it….
    only the ones who didn’t get to watch…
    please……….. i’ll be waiting for you’re reply….
    thank you so much….!!!!!

  3. i hate that episode i ‘m still a jemi fan and sterling is 20 i’m sure demi will say”sterling is like my big bro” like what she say to joe…

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