Miley Cyrus & Demi Lovato: Mo’s Meet-Up

Miley Cyrus and pal Demi Lovato grab dinner at at Mo’s restaurant together on Friday night (April 3) in Los Angeles.

The 16-year-old Disney starlets were joined by Miley’s boyfriend Justin Gaston (not pictured) and older sister Brandi.

During dinner, Miley asked the question of the day, “Having curly fries with Demi! Why are curly ones better than straight ones???”

Brandi blogged, “Dinner with Miley, Demi and Justin! Why do I always tweet while I’m eating?”

Source: Just Jared Jr.

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13 Comments on “Miley Cyrus & Demi Lovato: Mo’s Meet-Up”

  1. what’s up with they’re faces?
    idk why but i used to hate demi i always loved miley i think i hated demi cuz the whole ‘fight thing’ but now they’re my role models so don’t comment saying ‘if you have demi leave’ I LIKE DEMI!!

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  3. hey demi !
    u were right !
    this pic its so embarrasing.. but its cool
    look at ur face ! jaja
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