Poll’d Apart

Poll’d Apart
Sonny and Tawni are hurt that they’ve become the targets of “Tween Weekly’s” gossip blogger, Sharona, so they plot their revenge on her at the “Oh No You Di’int” Awards. Meanwhile, Nico and Grady try to convince Chad to drive them to the award show in his new car.

**Yes i know that this isn’t Demi. I was dumb enough to think that it was her. LOL. Anyways yes, i know it isn’t her it is Tiffany.

6 Comments on “Poll’d Apart”

  1. you know that picture isnt demi, its tiffany.
    i thought it was demi at first..
    just telling you..

  2. she doesn’t even look like her!!! just saying =O There are stills of demi and tiffany dressed like that, come on!!! you shoud be the first to recognize Demi since you opened a site about her, and so you think you’re a big fan!!

  3. When I saw this photo for the first time, I said to myself: “Demi looks like Tiffany…” haha
    Poll’d Apart is awesomeee

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