Happy Birthday Sterling!

Today is Demi’s Co-star from Sonny With A Chance, Sterling Knight’s birthday! Happy 20th birthday Sterling!

21 Comments on “Happy Birthday Sterling!”

  1. Hes 20!?!
    I had no clue.
    He does not look like hes 20!

    Hope he had a good birthday though.

  2. darn.
    i thought he was only like 16 and i had a semi 1 in a million chance. darnnn.
    i guess hes like jason earles.
    jason is like 30 and looks like 17. xD
    hes 20 and looks 15/16. :P

  3. wow,, happy birthday to sterling, i didnĀ“t know either that he was 20, but he looks really young!!

  4. OMG!!!!
    I did’nt know that he is turning 20
    he looks like less than 20!!!

    by the way

  5. ewwww..! there’s no chemistry between them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    not like jemi they are so perfect no to sterling booo!

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