Selena on SWAC!

Selena Gomez filmed the episode of being on Sonny With A Chance Friday night. David Henrie, Cody Linley, Chelsea Staub, Katelyn Tarver, Madison Delagaraza and Carlson Young were visiting the set. This is the plot

Selena Gomez is playing herself. Chad Dylan Cooper is making a documentary on his life. He is casting people to play the cast of so random. Chad decided to have the real so random cast play themselves except Sonny. Selena Gomez gets the part of Sonny Munroe. Sonny gets jealous of not getting the part and starts to make fun of Selena’s wizards character.

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  2. hey that’s my video and btw selena is the only one that is gonna be in the epsiode. everyone else was just visiting the set for tiffany thornton’s birthday.

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