SPOTTING: The paparazzi spotted Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas (was in the photos), Maya Kibbel (Nick Jonas’s best friend), Demi Lovato (hid behind everyone), and Camilla Bell together at one of the movie theaters in Los, Angeles last night (January 10th). We can’t post the photos to the gallery because WENN has the photos and they are really strict about fan sites having any of their photos on their website. [From JonasHQ]

9 Comments on “Spotting!”

  1. Is the website ?
    Cause i looked an couldnt find
    it and like Anonymous said up there
    can you post the link? Cause we all
    want to see the pic, even though you cant have it on your webb.

  2. i already looked at the photos and……well……. h0w did y0u kn0w that demi was with them cause i didn’t seen her in any pictures and als0 nick………. cause y0u said the j0nas br0thers, demi lovat0,camilla belle and maya kibel….. and BTW who is that maya pers0n??? any way…….

  3. It’s not her I guess because Demi has a dark brown hair. This girl on the last picture has a black hair. Maybe I’m wrong :)

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