Demi Lovato Pulls Out A ‘Matrix’ Move During Inaugural SHow

By Jocelyn Vena, with reporting by Christina Garibaldi

Sure, there were many memorable moments during Monday night’s “Kids’ Inaugural: We Are the Future” concert.

There was Miley Cyrus’ costume change. The Jonas Brothers performed some delightful tunes and made the audience swoon. There was Sasha and Malia Obama, there with their mom Michelle, dancing in the audience and onstage with the Jonas Brothers as they played “Burnin’ Up” during the show’s closing.

But there was one moment that we here at MTV News just couldn’t shake: Demi Lovato’s zany dance move during her hit “Get Back.” It was a backbend move that we are going to dub “the matrix.”

So, when we caught up with Demi after the show we had to get the lowdown on her new move.

“I do it every time I perform the song, but it must have looked cooler because I was in high heels,” she told MTV News. “I just kind of dropped back and popped back into it. But that’s awesome. I’ve been doing it all year, but I don’t know why now people think it’s cool, but thank you!”

Source: MTV Newsroom

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