Demi Lovato Burned.

An enormous Demi Lovato poster was burned at the Disney Store at a mall in Roanoke, Virginia. On Christmas Eve morning, Shazam spotted vandalized Demi lying outside the back entrance of the Disney Store where she was waiting for her friend:

‘I saw Demi’s giant face burnt and it was just lying outside the dumpster with water spots on it. Someone at the Disney Store must have had a major issue with it!’

Source: Oceanup

12 Comments on “Demi Lovato Burned.”

  1. What is exactly wrong with the people outside there? Even if they hate Demi, they shouldn’t have disrespect her by burning her poster! All I know is Demi is a role-model and a good singer. That goes to show those people outside doesn’t know what respect is..

  2. I agree with Michelle! Demi is such a great person, and I think whoever did this must be a hater, and they must be jealous. That is just plain mean.

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