Kristi Yamaguchi Friends & Family

Demi was on Kristi Yamaguchi Friends & Family yesterday. Sorry that we didn’t announce it on the site. So, if you missed it below are some performances that Demi did. I’ll see if i can find anymore.

Get Back – Youtube: HawaiiJonasFans

Don’t Forget – Youtube: HawaiiJonasFans

On The Line w/ Jonas Brothers – Youtube: HawaiiJonasFans

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  1. omg i watched it on tv and when she sang don’t forget she was so close to crying and it mad me so sad! u can tell how much that song means to her! she is so sweet!

  2. that was some really amazing skating!
    and yeah, there was some dubbing (especially in nick’s part lol) but it was still cool. besides, its not like they tell them to do that.
    awesome performance! =)

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