Selena rocks!

I know this is Demi Site but If you are Selena Gomez fan just like us we wanted to post this exciting news about Demi Lovato’s BFF!

Selena Gomez is out to release her album next summer with being in a band and plans on going on a national tour with her band next summer as well. She is in the studio trying to create some songs but she also has some auditions for band mates. She said she wants it an all band mates that are boys possibly so she can be the “Front Woman”. She said in an interview, “We plan on holding auditions in Hollywood, and in the meantime I will be in the studio recording some of the songs. As far as actual band members right now, we do not have any, but it is getting closer and closer and I am really excited to be in the studio.“! So make sure if you a guy who is looking to rock in a band with Selena make sure you find more information on the auditions in Hollywood, CA! Read More at!

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  1. Hi demi I am Sierra I love you I am your big’its fan I love your music I love you smile and you hair lol My mom like’s you too lol so God Bless your Sweet Heart and you looked geart on Camp Rock !!! you were so good at that I hope God Bless’s you in your life time and you have a Geart time God Bless all,

    P.S. you are so cool…..Sierra.

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