Demi Lovato released Audition Clips.

Below are audio clips from Demi Lovato’s Camp Rock auditions. Thanks to Ocean UP!

Youtube: xoxLina

5 Comments on “Demi Lovato released Audition Clips.”

  1. OMG!!!!!!! I Love her
    she’s pretty, talented and a role model

    Can someone tell me wath’s the name of the song she sings at the end
    it’s beautifull
    please someone answer to me I really like the song in the end

  2. Hey “angelica” if all u are gonna do is post rude comments just keep it to yourself.

    Eeryone does NOT have to find out who you love or who you don’t.
    So why do u take a moment in your day just to post something as lame as that?, I mean if you hate her that much then don’t post anything GOD!!!!!!!

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