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Happy 9th Birthday Madison De La Garza!

Today is Demi’s sister, Madison De La Garza‘s 9th birthday. We hope you have an amazing day spending it with your family and friends. Leave your birthday wishes in the comments!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Demi Central!

No matter what tradition (Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Chrismukkah) you celebrate during this time of the year, make sure you spread the love with all the ones you love, admire, inspire and cherish the most. Enjoy the last few days of 2010. Thanks for all the support and love towards Demi Lovato and this fan site! See you all in 2011!
Happy Holidays & Happy New Years!
– Kimmy & Emily

New Gallery Theme Again!

Thanks to Gel for making a new gallery theme for our gallery. We used the same pictures as the previous one but, I hope that is okay. Click the image above to head over to the gallery!

New Gallery Theme at Demi Central!

We had upgraded our gallery to Coppermine 1.5x, with that we had to changed our layout to something that is 1.5x ready. Thanks to Purple Haze Inc. exclusive layout for fan sites hostes at, we now have have a new gallery theme we used for now until we get a full on customized one. Enjoy!

New Layout!!

After a couple of months, we finally have a brand new layout! Thanks to Shawn for designing it. I felt that we need a darker theme since we had a light one for a while. Leave your comments on what you think! **Please note we didn’t choose it to say certain phrases like “Number One Fan Site” on the design.**

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving!

We wish you a great thanksgiving weekend whether you are spending it with family, friends, family-friends, your pets, co-workers, yourself, or etc. Besides the staff being thankful for all the blessings we have in our lives, we are all thankful for all the support and love we get from the fans and visitors. You all mean a lot to us! Also, we are thankful for the whole Lovato/De La Garza family. We wish you guys the best. Cheers!

Happy 22nd Birthday Kimmy!

Today is Kimmy’s birthday, and I just wanted to wish her a happy birthday! -Emily

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