ARTICLE/VIDEO: Brandon Mychal Smith Talks About Demi Lovato

Last month it was confirmed that Sonny With A Chance would go on without Sonny. Disney has renamed it as So Random, but that does not stop close friend of Demi Lovato‘s Brandon Mychal Smith from talking. You can hear what he had to say and find out if he wants to record a song with Demi in the video below.

I would love to see those 2 do a duet together. They seem like amazing friends, and it makes me happy to see that he will miss her. I hope that all of her former cast members will stay in touch with her.

What do you think about Brandon’s comments? Are you hoping that those 2 will be able to work together again one day? I think that it is fabulous that most, if not all of Demi’s former co-stars are sending her so much love and support. I think that along with her family and fans is exactly what she needs during this journey.


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