VIDEO: – Demi Lovato: Musical Recovery

Teen star tells Robin Roberts that music helped her through treatment. – 04/19/2011


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  1. oh stacie’s song is amazing. but, really, do we understand what this song says? god, he, just he is strong enough, pure enough… so should we not- literally- pour out our lives for him? oh, yes!!! one hundred time yes!
    demi, what can i say…. i soo wish you can understand that life by your own won’t get any better… you can have a few ups and downs, yes.. but without god it just doesn’t exist a real support in rough times. everything shatters in the storms but god! he alone doesn’t!

    i certainty speak from experience… i was a fat girl growing up, even in teenage period. there were times when i could not take it anymore .. not even one day… i was crying till i couldn’t. i used to feel like the lowest, ugliest, worthless person on earth. i gladly would hurt myself… i know the temptation so well… to just do something to punish myself for what i was. well, my only shelter and help was god. he helped me every time… he was there in my pain. he was there no matter what! without him i wouldn’t be here anymore. i surely wasn’t strong enough to stand that pain and despair alone and to get out of it alive.
    he should be mine’s and everyone’s all in all.

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