VIDEO: – Demi Lovato Cut Self to Express ‘Shame’

Teen star opens up about the “instant gratification” of cutting to “20/20.” – 04/15/2011


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  1. that video made me want to cry i had tears in my eyes you were so confused demi you did not know what to do and the first time you cut yourself you were eleven and it hurt and my heart was beating so fast when i watched the video, and you said if other people do it why can’t you and it made me want to cry even more

  2. Demi, you have been my idol since 6th grade. I started cutting myself in 8th grade. I am a sophmore in highschool now and haven’t stopped. In 8th grade when the picture of you came out and everyone thought you were cutting yourself it made me want to do it more. It felt good to know my idol was doing what i was doing. Now that you have had the strength to stop it has inspired me to maybe try and stop too. But I dont know if i am as strong as you. I dont know if i can stop. Thank you for opening up to your fans about it though, it is good to know i am not alone and to have someone there to inspire and encourage you.

  3. Since she was eleven?!?!??! omg! poor girl! idk even know what to say…. even though she may be super famous right now, she definiitely did not deserve a childhood like this just cuz she was a bit overweight.I dont even give a s*** abut if she was fat. She deserved a HAPPY childhood. Eleven is SO young for this! I thought she just started cutting when everyone else say the pics. I was wrong though, i guess. feel better demi! I feel so awful for everything shes had to deal with. and its been for so long too :(

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