ARTICLE: Nick Jonas Breaks Silence on Demi Lovato

Although Demi Lovato dropped out of the Camp Rock 2 tour she was doing with the Jonas Brothers to seek help for “issues”, we didn’t hear much from any of the boys…until now.

Yesterday, ex-boyfriend Joe told Details magazine he wished her the best.

And last night, E! News caught up with the youngest JoBro, Nick, to get his two cents…

“I think that I’ll always wish her the best and hope that she’s had a good recovery and just all of our thoughts and prayers are with her,” said Nick, on hand to perform at A Night At Sardi’s, a charity event that benefits the Alzheimer’s Association.

We chatted with Nick before news of his brother’s breakup with Ashley Greene split hit the Internet, but it sounds like we could hear a song about the split on Joe’s upcoming solo album.

“He’s talking about real stuff,” Nick explained of Joe’s new sound, “I think people are gonna get a look into what his life has been link for the past few years.”

Joe himself says breakups are fair game. “I think all artists have a right to write about what happens to them,” he says in Details. “But I have a right to write about things too.”

Suddenly his new album sounds a lot more interesting?

—Reporting by Michael Yo


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