New Layout!!

After a couple of months, we finally have a brand new layout! Thanks to Shawn for designing it. I felt that we need a darker theme since we had a light one for a while. Leave your comments on what you think! **Please note we didn’t choose it to say certain phrases like “Number One Fan Site” on the design.**

10 Comments on “New Layout!!”

  1. Yeah…I sooooo like the new layout!!!!
    It´s like so Demi, she likes dark colours and well I like tooo!!

  2. Yeah!!! It’s perfect, i like a new layout, congratulations for the person make that. It’s magic! Demi was a beautiful. Very beautiful!!! Demetria is the best. <3 The best EVER!! She's looks like that: "Hey, i

  3. Wow, love it guys. Another fantastic layout w/ the colors, design, & of course, Demi. Every theme you’ve had showcased on the site so far have been excellent, this one included.

  4. WoW… it’s amazing <3 she's sooo cool and cute.. and on this pics, i think, she looks a little bit like Taylor Momsen <3 love this <3 Demi & Tay are 2 amazing actresses and singers and they're looking UNBELiEVABLE <3 Go!

  5. this layout isa the best yet! i really really like it. i hope the layouts to come is much coller than this!

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