ARTICLE:’s Most Popular Celebs 2010

Mon, 27 December 2010 at 4:30 pm

We’ve been recapping some of the year’s most popular actors and actresses, and now it’s time to unveil our top 25 celebs of the year! From movies to modeling and music that climbed the charts, check out which stars made JJJ’s cut for the most popular stars of 2010.

25. Gregg Sulkin
24. Nicole Anderson
23. David Henrie
22. Sterling Knight
21. Willow Smith
20. Kendall Jenner
19. Liam Hemsworth
18. Miranda Cosgrove
17. Logan Lerman
16. Emma Watson
15. Victoria Justice
14. Taylor Lautner
13. Jasmine V
12. Ashley Greene
11. Taylor Swift
10. Kristen Stewart
9. Justin Bieber
8. Robert Pattinson
7. Ashley Tisdale
6. Demi Lovato
5. Jonas Brothers
4. Zac Efron
3. Selena Gomez
2. Miley Cyrus
1. Vanessa Hudgens

WHO WAS YOUR favorite celeb in 2010?


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  1. Hi! I loved the information in other words, I love your website. Eem I congratulate you very original page, and it seems perfect that Demi has won … it is well overdue, and see that I am jonatika (= and I love Jonas, but it seemed perfect that Demetria has won: D well, m dismissal .. bye kiss!

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