ARTICLE: Don’t Get Too Excited About A Demi Lovato Tour Just Yet

by DisneyInfonet on December 27th, 2010

Hey guys, We have it on good authority that the statements that have been taken from the Associated Press concerning a Demi Lovato tour in 2011 are quite possibly quotes from an old interview and are not recent. Thing have changed since that time and all bets are off even on Demster’s new album for a while until she gets out of treatment and back into to doing what she does best.

We are still getting information from Hollywood Records and Demster’s reps on this, but at it stands right now you should hold off getting excited about any tours for Demster next year.

Sorry guys but we had our doubts on this from the beginning and we do not care if MTV is reporting it now, it still is not confirmed.


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  1. No offense but is as uninformed as anyone else….they know nothing and write bogus articles.

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