2010 – Out with family in Chicago, IL – 12/25

I’ve added some pictures to the gallery of Demi on Christmas. The pictures are tagged but, it is so nice to see her with her family, she was allowed out of the treatment center for half a day on Christmas Eve and a full day on Christmas Day. Check out the pictures in the gallery. (Credit Anything Disney for the pictures)

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  1. Hey guys, thank you so much for updating the website. I appreciate it. I think this is the only Demi lovato website that actually supports her. I do too. But I’ve got a question. What is the deal with the so called “racy” pictures that came out of her? I just found out, and when I first saw them I thought they were photoshopped. Have u guys heard? Do u know if they r real? I still support Demi 100% percent, but I feel kinda disappointed in a way. Demi never seemed like that type of person. Thank you again, you peeps r amazing!!! Hope u guys had a very good and peaceful holiday.

  2. Laura, Thanks for the comment. We do know about the racy photos but we don’t know any details about them. All we know is she was already over 18 when taken, so it’s not considered “illegal”. But Demi Lovato is in good spirits now and is getting better. Thanks for supporting Demi and the site. Happy Holidays!

  3. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Happy holidays to you too. I wish Demi success and happiness.
    Thanks again,

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