ARTICLE: Demi Lovato wants to sing in Spanish

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Monday October 25, 2010 | Creation Time: 00:23 | Last updated: 01:45

Demi has sold 473 000 copies of their debut album.

The singer Demi Lovato 18 years of age, soon formed an ascending career, as well as selling 473 000 copies of their debut album, Lovato visited Mexico and yesterday opened the concert by their friends the Jonas Brothers at the Forum Sun of Mexico City.

In an interview, said he was happy to express their affection for Mexican fans, and continue asking for your support, now you want to dabble with a topic in Spanish, in their next production.

“I am very honored to come and be able to sing, I am sad they have not done before, but that’s beyond my control, but now I realize that the food is wonderful, people are very sweet, and I’m having a great experience “said

With the promise that next year will schedule a visit to the country to perform solo, Demi faces shared how his success on stage: “It’s definitely changed my life completely, I’m having fun, is something we have to accept it and learn to accept it because that’s what I’ll do the rest of my life, and there will be ups and downs, pros and cons, but most of the time I love to go on stage every night. ”

The girl, who in his new album will sound different from what has gone before, as Keri Hilson and Rihanna have been his inspiration, he confessed that he has no competition with other contemporary stars, like Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus, “and shared his opinion about other celebrities who have failed to meet either their way into stardom, as the case of Lindsay Lohan.

“There are many people that this industry is not good for them and not their fault, and gets stuck, but I think when you have a good family, a good support system around you, like good friends, it’s easy stay on track, and it works perfect for me to have people like me. ”

The native of Dallas, Texas, United States, said he would like to invite to Kelly Clarkson to perform a duet.

Lovato, a Mexican father and mother italoirlandesa also stated that he had to leave school at twelve years she lived harassed by their peers.

“Bullying is something that I had when I was 12. It ended when I left school because of this, “said the star of Camp Rock is well aware of the social problem.

“I caused trouble I have to overcome the day to day … The straw that broke the camel was a day that was in the bathroom and the lights went out. I could not turn them on again … “he told the artist.


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