Fan Reviews!

We gave away tickets for the Camden, NJ show a while back. Our two winners have made a short review of the show check them out below. Also this Saturday, 9/4 is the last day to enter the OfficeMax Jonas Brothers “Winning the Dream” sweepstakes. If you haven’t entered yet, head over HERE!

The Jonas Brothers concert was amazing! I don’t remember having such a great time at a concert. The cast of Camp Rock 2 were a pure thrill and Demi Lovato live was phenomenal. Not only that but the seats you supplied me with were much better than I could have imagined. Thank you Office Max and a bigger thank you to for giving me the experience of a lifetime. –Rome

The concert featuring demi lovato the jonas brothers and camprock 2 in camden NJ was BEYOND amazing…the seats were awesome & the performance was incredible. I am really thankful to have this experience which many people dream of having. the crowd was amazing the love between the stars were shown and unbelivable. the dances were like nothing ive ever seen. All the performances were so worth watching. That night seemed to good to be true! i want to thank DEMICENTRAL and OFFICEMAX once again <3 because without you i wouldnt have had this experience! ahh im hyped thinking about that night! <3 yay! thank again! -Michelle

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