Fan Questions For Camp Rock 2 Cast!

Robyn Ross will be interviewing the cast of Camp Rock 2 on Monday. If you have any fan questions, post a comment!

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  1. Thank you for inspiring me DEMI to take the “GET Healthy Challenge”. I have lost twenty pounds in 4 weeks working out and eating healthy . I am so much happier. Your music is my Happiness, and my workout buddy=)

  2. will demi ever came to the middle east? ’cause i’m from israel and i’m a HUGE fan and she has tons of fans here who realy want her to come!

  3. thank you for being an inspiration to me and a lot of other teens!
    you’r the reason i don’t get depressed, you make me laugh every single day
    and if i get upset or sad you are the only thing that help me go through it.
    i’m being bullied too and your story and your music helps me forget about the bad things and focus on the good side.
    you are a great roll model and thanks to you i started to write music too,
    it’s not good as your music but i can still releas all the tension and thoughts off of my mind.
    so thank you again!
    my questions are: do you have a Facebook account and will you ever come to israel?

  4. i love this website its so cool with fun fans and every body loves it. i loved the concert on good morning they all sang great it was so cool i wish i was there now she is pretty it was so cool i bet they liked it too.
    i think they did . it was cool i would like to go there but i live in amrillo

  5. Hey there Demi. You Are AWESOME! i know that on septembre 4 you are coming to Montreal with the JoBros, (Where i live) but i cant go.

    After that will you have any intentions to come back to Montreal



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