Raven Symone, ‘Demi Lovato Is Incredible’

Legendary Disney star Raven Symone dished to Popstar! about how it was to guest star on Sonny With A Chance. How has it been working with Demi? She’s incredible. She’s such a beautiful, talented girl and have a lot of fun together. She’s a rockstar! She’s got this amazing ability to just be natural in any situation. She never seems fake or like she’s acting. She’s really gifted.

What advice do you have for new Disney stars [Miley, Selena, Demi, etc]? The one thing I would tell people is that you have to enjoy every minute of this. We working a business where no matter how big you are today, it could be all taken away from you tomorrow. You just have to completely love every minute of what you’re doing. And I do! Demi revealed she is now more aware of herself:

‘I know myself a little better now. I’m more aware of life and people and the way the business works and it’s definitely for the better. I think that I’m able to protect myself a little more but still learn more and teach other people.’


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