Beaches in Mexico & Cabo San Lucas

I have added candids of Demi at a local beach in Mexico on June 15, and at a beach in Cabo San Lucas on June 16. Check out the pics in the gallery!

2010 – Out at a local beach in Mexico – 6/15

2010 – Out At A Beach In Cabo San Lucas – 6/16

7 Comments on “Beaches in Mexico & Cabo San Lucas”

  1. I think Demi has a fantastic, healthy, & very womanly body, she looks as a young woman should. She’s curvy in the right areas – her waist & hips + a very cute booty, hehe. I’m glad she’s not one of those stick-thin models, nor is she too heavy either, but just right. She’s proud of her curves & not afraid to show them off. I wish more women out there would exude the confidence that girls like Demi, Kelly (Clarkson), Kim (Kardashian), & Beyoncé do & not care what people say or think about them having a healthier, more positive body image.

    It really is a shame that Dem, Kel, Kim, & B & others have to put up w/ as much criticism as they do in regards to how they look, their skin tone, their weight, & their bodies.

  2. i love how she looks :) she has a normal body, a body that many other women migth have and thats something good because she makes her look prettty and more like a normal person, not like those size-zero models that make every gilr think that we are fat!

  3. Demi has a beautiful big ass and should be proud of it! Selena Gomez could use some thickness like this!

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