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ddlovato – Good morning NYC… Not a bad view to wake up to..

ddlovato – Aretha Franklin and I … My first and ultimate inspiration… I’m about to cry and.. Still shaking!

ddlovato – Hahahahahaha… I

ddlovato – For you my @LishaKatherine

ddlovato – @KimKardashian Look! My adorable momma wearing your bebe line! I’m totally stealing her jacket!

ddlovato – Me and the amazingly strong and beautiful @SarahElizabbeth she came all the way to nyc to visit me!!

ddlovato – Outside the hotel, my view from my balcony… CHILE, YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

ddlovato – Outside my hotel… WOW… TE AMO CHILE!!!!

ddlovato – Just so amazing… Wow!!!!! :D

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