Demi Lovato talk with you live at the whim of Facebook

Published 05.19.2010 14:51

The singer, who is already coming to Brazil participates in a live interview in the CAPRICE

You who are super-ultra-mega fan of Demi Lovato do not want to miss the opportunity to ask all the questions you want for it.

How’s work?

May 28 at 15.30, the diva Demi will be online at the whim Facebook answering questions from you. It will be a live chat, and as you ask the questions, she responds to every little thing our reporters. So will already thinking about what I would like to know about it.

Demi Lovato explain you how is the chat:

For you not to miss this event, enter the whim of Facebook and sign up already, so you’ll be inside the news, and do not forget to become our fan page on there, all right?

Demi Lovato Concert

Rio de Janeiro
Date: May 27
Location: HSBC Arena

Sao Paulo
Date: May 28
Venue: Via Funchal


12 Comments on “Demi Lovato talk with you live at the whim of Facebook”

  1. Demi…i hope you see this… you are my hero. you have the most amazing voice and i would love to meet you someday.My name is taylor c. amd i live in a small town in illinois. if you everget the chance to see this…you know what my e-mail is. August 6th is my B-day and on august 7th…I went to your camp rock 2 concert…and it was the best gift anybody has ever gotten me. I just wanted to say thanks for being there when i need you.

    – Taylorthegr8tor

  2. P.S.- if you do meet me…please make me a singer…beleive me…it has been by dream sense i was in pre-school. LuvYa!!!

    – Taylorthegr8tor

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