TOMS: Wearing No Shoes Today!

Hey everyone! The Jonas Brothers and some of their friends are supporting TOMS SHOES and not wearing shoes today! However, some places may require you to wear shoes (so bring them with you in case). You may not need to wear no shoes for the entire 24 hours but whenever you can is good.

Please go to: and purchase a pair of TOMS SHOES and you are helping a children in need of shoes in another country.

TOMSSHOES – ONE DAY WITHOUT SHOES IS HERE!! Take off your shoes & see how it’s #hardwithoutshoes. Let’s get it trending!

nickjonas – Hey everybody! So glad your all getting involved with a day without shoes. Remember some places require shoes. So be careful! Love you all.

joejonas – One Day Without Shoes! Tell me about your barefoot stories so far. #hardwithoutshoes

ddlovato – I’m going barefoot today with TOM’s!! Are you? #hardwithoutshoes

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